WdB has ISO 9001 certification, compliance with environmental laws and ensuring the quality of your product according to the overall requirements for the automotive industry


WdB Group is a global player, the partnership between WdB Brazil and WdB USA provide a global foot-print for the automotive industry. WdB USA has an Industrial plant in Charleston South Carolina and a sales staff in Detroit Michigan. WdB Brazil has an Industrial plant in Contenda, Administrative plant in Araucária and Business office in São Paulo.


Focused on ducts since 1972, we continually take on new projects to extend our capabilities. We specialize in automotive ducts for air intake systems, thermal protection sleeves and ducts, as well as specialty ducts  for automotive HVAC systems. Utilizing state of the art manufacturing and high quality materials, our craftsmen know ducts and how to form them to the strictest OEM and supplier standards.

​​​Our breadth of experience and specialized engineering make us your ideal choice when sourcing ducts for automotive air induction systems and tubular sleeve thermal protection. Wdb has in-house manufacturing and a large variety of forming dies in stock to provide automotive customers with a multitude of duct sizes and materials. Wdb is proud to provide quality and innovation for all your product development strategies.




It is the policy of WdB Group, to provide flexible duct for acoustic, ventilation, and thermal protection.  The effectiveness of products and processes is continually improved through our Quality Management System and Quality Objectives, while complying with all internal, external, and customer requirements.

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